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Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Service & Repair in Willow Grove, PA

In many cases, your garage door can be repaired, but other times it needs to be replaced altogether. Your garage door may not be working correctly due to a lack of lubrication or because of a worn-out binder, Some other common reasons include broken or weak springs, issues with motors, or dead or weak batteries.

Garage door repair can be a hassling process, Xpress Garage Doors Repair in the Lehigh Valley specializes in garage door repair, torsion springs, sensor issues, and bent rollers If you are looking for The best garage door repair service in the Lehigh Valley! Call us and let us deal with your garage door repair problems!

Garage Door Repair in Willow Grove, PA

Garage Door won’t Open?

There could be a few reasons why your garage door needs repair the problem could be due to a blocked photo-eye, the operator receives no power broken garage door torsion or extension springs, Track, misadjusted sensitivity, the remote not working, or bad opener. Give us a call for your Free Estimate, We offer the best warranties in theĀ garage door industry in the Lehigh Valley and In Willow Grove

Garage Door Service

We will diagnose your garage door opener and determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.

Garage door springs also known as torsion springs are used to hold the weight of your garage door. There are different springs for different garage doors If you see broken spring call us today to get you new spring installaed

If for whatever reason your garage door comes off its track, because Bent or broken garage door rollers .

Our team checks all your garage door components and inspects your cables for wear and tear.

A damaged garage door panel can be unsightly, hazardous and leave your home less secure. If panel replacement is the best option for your garage door, the garage door panels that are available come in all different materials to fit whatever design you have.

We use the highest quality garage door parts and components to keep the water, dirt, dust, and debris from entering your garage.

Garage Door Replacement Panels
Call the garage door repair experts at Xpress Garage Doors. We are on stand-by for your garage door service request!