Emergencies are uncalled
for, but when they
do come knocking,
don’t forget to call us!

Unforeseen problems can kick in any time, and so may a malfunction to any garage door- big or small,residential or commercial. It could be the most inconvenient issue arising at the most inconvenient time andmay lead to the most dangerous consequence. Such emergencies ask for purely professional assistance. So evenif it’s stormy weather at odd hours during the night, and if you have a malfunctioning garage door, all youneed is a phone call to Xpress Garage Doors. Our expert will be there at your place in no time to addressall your garage issues most effectively and efficiently -ensuring the protection of your family andimportant assets in urgent situations. Our same day, 24/7 service is not only quick and effective but isalso easy on your pockets.


Replacement or Repair?

Your faulty garage door needs whether a repair itself or of any of its components or a replacement depends on the severity of damage as well as on the age and the material of the door. Sometimes, the installation of a new garage door is what you need as the more cost-effective option. Whatever the solution be, ranging from specialized repair, parts replacement, or a new installation altogether, Xpress Garage Door is very much there at your service, doing the job correctly and affordably. We only offer top quality garage doors and garage door components, promoting functionality and durability while enhancing the appearance of your place. And should you require professional assessment and inspection, our well-trained, skilled, and professional technicians are committed to providing you with an immediate response to any of your concerns. They will diagnose the problem, suggest the best solution, and fix the issue in a flash. That’s how Xpress Garage Doors repair serves you-rightly and promptly; same day, all day! What more do you need for 100% satisfaction?
Interested in our 24/7 emergency garage door repair services in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas? Give us a call at 2678186514, 1800 2362459, and ask about free estimates.


Your garage door not only acts as a shield for your valuable /assets in the garage space but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your house. But what if you find it

  • stuck open, leaving your expensive cars exposed or
  • stuck closed, and you are trapped in your garage or
  • damaged, crooked, etc

That’s, no doubt, a serious malfunction, posing a safety risk to not only your expensive vehicle but also to your children and pets around. But do you need to worry? Well, actually, no! Your very own Xpress Garage Doors Repair is just a call away irrespective of the time and day, reaching out to help you out in no time. We are at your service, 24/7!


The commercial garage doors are more susceptible to wear and tear mostly due to repetitive and heavy use, and occasional bump from in and outbound trucks, or due to weather fluctuations! So, if your business is experiencing

  • Stuck doors that neither close nor open fully
  • Faulty garage door openers
  • Broken springs, cables and hinge
  • Damaged weather seals and/or bottom rubber seals
  • And more!

We, at Xpress Garage Doors Repair, will fix the issue in a timely and efficient manner at a very affordable price. Our professional technicians are pro in diagnosing the problem and do everything to make sure your garage door is back into shape while ensuring the smooth running of your business operations as well as the safety of your assets and inventories. We also offer proactive inspections and preventive maintenance, helping you to minimize costly garage door repairs in the future, and to maximize your business functions.